Our Current Partners


UTD Motorsports is a student-run organization that depends entirely on the monetary, material, and product donations as well as technical support and training from businesses and individuals. Without the incredibly generous support of our partners, UTD Motorsports, and its substantial benefit to students and industry, would cease to exist.

We work closely with our partners, who provide crucial support, and help to further the team's capabilities. We are proud to represent UTD Motorsports and we hope you will support our efforts.

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Levels of Opportunity

Social media mentions Includes Bronze rewards Includes Silver rewards Includes Gold rewards Includes Platinum rewards
Logo on website Logo on promotional materials 3D-printed scale model of race car Display car at your company for one week Display race car at your company for two weeks
Presentation time at team meetings Small logo on race car Access to team photos and videos for promotional use Logo on team apparel Extra-large logo on race car; priority placement
Visit to the team shop Large logo on race car
Medium logo on race car

Partnership Benefits

The Formula SAE competition is one of the best real world projects an engineering student can participate while an undergrad. Due to the large scope and immense complexity of designing a vehicle system, participating students are able to apply the knowledge they’ve accumulated through course work as well as get real world experience in both design and manufacturing that will better prepare them for industry. The entire project is student funded, so raising funds for manufacturing costs is a high priority. Access to the next Generation of Engineers Sponsors have a lasting relationship with future engineers. Introducing students to companies through sponsorship makes a lasting impression because it allows them to become familiar with the company’s products and services, while building a relationship that continues after graduation.

We recognize the need for students to take the concepts they learn in the classroom and apply them in real-world situations. Our student team members gain invaluable experience through hands on engineering application and real-world problem solving.

In addition to designing, building, and racing the car, our members are also responsible for all aspects of managing the race team. Project management, budget, sponsorship, and media are all handled by the team. The advanced development of these skills has made Formula SAE students highly desirable to companies such as SpaceX, Sauber F1, and General Motors.